Christmas in Dreamland is a short fantasy video about the never-ending hope that nearly every child has on Christmas Eve: to meet Santa Claus face to face. In just over a minute, you will see how, for one young girl, this dream became only too real...
WARNING: Parental preview is highly recommended before this video is viewed by young children. Although it is not violent, obscene, or vulgar, it may cause nightmares in the young at heart.

Christmas in Dreamland is available here

About this video: This is not a professional video, but a video made on a lark by Mr Moon and his two daughters in their home in 1991. It was shot with an ordinary Panasonic VHS camcorder with no special lighting, and all in one take after one rehersal. The video footage was captured using an Elsa Winner 2000/Office video card. Other than the titles & credits, added with Adobe Premiere, there are no edits of the raw video footage. The background music is borrowed from the movie Scrooged and is copyright 1988 by Paramount Pictures.

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